You’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting, one of the most effective methods of non-invasive fat reduction available today. And you might also be familiar with SculpSure, which also provides successful elimination of fat on the most difficult to tone areas. But did you know that certain fat cells respond better to CoolSculpting and others are better targeted with SculpSure? That’s because CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to destroy them, and SculpSure works through heat. While CoolSculpting is ideal for fat that can be suctioned into the applicator, SculpSure works great on hard-to-grab areas and those with loose skin because its heat offers the bonus of tightening skin.

Which one is better? It depends on the person, the area, and the type of fat. That’s why combining these treatments can offer the most successful fat reduction possible without surgery. We call this dynamic duo CoolSure, and it begins with a total assessment of your goals, your body, your type of fat, and your possible need for skin tightening. Then we recommend an individualized plan that could consist of CoolSculpting here and SculpSure there or even CoolSculpting now and SculpSure a month later on the same area. While many practices offer only one of these treatments, we provide both because with CoolSure, we can be sure that you are getting the best results possible. And that’s not all! We also offer Reaction, which provides additional skin tightening through radio frequency energy. There are many alternatives to liposuction or just wanting to get rid of a few inches, and you should have access to any and all technologies that will work most effectively on your body.

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