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CoolTone Muscle Stimulation Treatment

It's Here: A New Body Sculpting Treatment to Tone Muscle

Get Sculpted with Body Contouring Technology

One great way to tone muscle and increase tone is to incorporate strength training in your workout. But the older you get, the harder it can be maintain muscle, and therefore your shape. That’s because we lose up to 5% of muscle per decade after the age of 30. It sounds like a losing battle. It doesn’t have to be.

With the launch of CoolTone, the latest innovation in body contouring from the makers of CoolSculpting Elite, you can strengthen, tone and stimulate muscle without a single crunch or squat. CoolTone is a non-invasive treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to increase muscle in areas including the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The groundbreaking CoolTone applicator causes supramaximal contractions in your muscle tissue at a level that cannot be achieved through normal exercise.

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What Can CoolTone Do for Me?

If you are near your ideal body weight but can’t seem to gain the muscle tone you desire, CoolTone can help you reach your body-sculpting goals.

CoolTone has been FDA cleared to strengthen and firm the abdominals, thighs and butt. With 4 to 8 treatments (usually 2 each week), you will notice visible toning in the treated areas. Appointments are quick and last under an hour. And unlike a workout, CoolTone won’t leave you sweating and running for the shower.

Getting a CoolTone treatment starts with a feeling of warm, intense muscle contractions. Afterward, you might have soreness just like you would from a great exercise class, except CoolTone is significantly more effective. There is no downtime, because this effective treatment is non-invasive. Within three weeks following the beginning of your treatment series, you will start to see results, with the most dramatic results happening after about three months.

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In addition to your first rapid-succession treatment series, we recommend returning once each month for a maintenance treatment. Muscles being what they are, they will lose the tone you achieved without consistent touch-ups. Even better, keep up with your exercise routine between CoolTone treatments for the best shape of your life!

Maximum Cool

You might already be wondering whether CoolSculpting and CoolTone can work together, and they can! Our DoubleSculpt procedure combines a fat-reduction treatment like CoolSculpting with the muscle-stimulating technology of CoolTone to eliminate unwanted fat and firm the muscles below.


Some patient’s fat cells react very well to cryolipolysis, others react better to heat (laser based utilizing SculpSure). We find that often a combination of heat and cold to permanently destroy fat works best.

The Ageless Medical Fat Reduction Center specializes in providing the latest non-surgical fat reduction treatments to the Fort Lauderdale area. We are a top provider of Coolsculpting Elite and CoolTone to the Fort Lauderdale area, including Pembroke Pines, Weston and Davie. Other fat reduction and non surgical body sculpting treatments include SculpSure, CoolSure, DoubleSculpt and Kybella. Request an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for any of our fat reduction or non-surgical body sculpting treatments.

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