DOUBLESCULPT = CoolSculpting Elite + CoolTone

Fat Reduction and Muscle Stimulation

Two Treatments: Build Muscle with CoolTone, Reduce Fat with CoolSculpting Elite

Build Muscle, Lose Fat with DoubleSculpt

A truly ageless body is both sculpted and toned. Unfortunately, as we get older, not only do pockets of unwanted fat appear, our bodies actually decrease in their ability to produce muscle. This combination, which is simply part of the natural aging process, can leave you feeling out of shape and out of hope.

Well, we have great news! For a decade, we have safely successfully performed non-invasive fat-reduction treatments using CoolSculpting Elite and SculpSure. These procedures are known for their ability to reduce fat up to 25% on the treated area. More recently, we’ve introduced the groundbreaking muscle-building technology of CoolTone to our patients, who have found that it visibly increases muscle and tone. We now put these two great capabilities together in one treatment called DoubleSculpt, which eliminates unwanted fat and firms the muscles below.

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Our Double-Duty Treatment Starts with Fat Reduction

You may be familiar with CoolSculpting Elite, which freezes unwanted fat, damaging it to the point of destruction without affecting the surrounding tissues. Over the 12 weeks following treatment, your body naturally and permanently eliminates those damaged fat cells. More than 8 million patients around the world have taken advantage of this advanced fat-reduction technology.

CoolSculpting Elite works best on fat that is pinchable because it uses a suction applicator. For fat that is firmer or difficult to pinch, we recommend SculpSure, which destroys fat by melting it. This treatment also allows your body to eliminate the damaged fat cells during the 12 weeks following treatment, and it’s also a permanent solution. SculpSure has the added benefit of tightening loose skin.

Coolsculpting - Fat Reduction - Fort Lauderdale

Muscle Definition Completes Your Body Transformation

The second step in a DoubleSculpt treatment is a series of CoolTone visits, which will provide a leaner, more toned appearance because muscle mass will be actually increased. The latest in body-contouring technology, CoolTone uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to cause supramaximal contractions in your muscle tissue. CoolTone achieves a speed and number of muscle contractions you could never replicate through working out alone. The result is increased muscle mass that shows on the outside as a firm and toned shape. CoolTone can tighten areas like the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Think of DoubleSculpt like the benefits you receive when combining diet and exercise. This treatment offers everything you could want to achieve an ageless body!

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The Ageless Medical Fat Reduction Center specializes in providing the latest non-surgical fat reduction treatments to the Fort Lauderdale area. We are a top provider of Coolsculpting Elite and CoolTone to the Fort Lauderdale area, including Pembroke Pines, Weston and Davie. Other fat reduction and non surgical body sculpting treatments include CoolSure, DoubleSculpt and Kybella. Request an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for any of our fat reduction or non-surgical body sculpting treatments.

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