The great thing about noninvasive body contouring treatments is that they don’t require a recovery period, like surgery. But, oftentimes, multiple procedures need to be “stacked” (i.e. done in tandem when possible, or as consecutive treatment sessions) to tackle the problems at hand. The newest “layering” treatment that we are hearing about is The Fire and Ice combination, to get rid of unwanted fat and loose skin.

West Palm Beach, FL dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD offers the $1,200-plus treatment (Dr. Beer says the treatment can fetch upwards of $3,600 depending on the area being treated), which makes use of Coolscupting, as well as radio-frequency and ultrasound skin tightening. “We are combining the latest generation of CoolSculpting, which is more efficient and effective than prior generations, with skin tightening to give patients the best of both worlds,” he says.

Ideal for treating the chin, arms, abdomen, bra line, thighs, buttocks, and love handles, among other places, Dr. Beer says the one-two punch procedure first removes fat and then stimulates collagen production to tighten loose skin. “Both busy men and women are happy to find out about this unique combination, which effectively treats problem areas.”

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