Whether you do butt-building workouts daily or you pay no mind to your rear end, a little booty boost is always welcome. However, not everyone is down to go under the knife for it, and with a handful of safe and effective treatments available, you don’t have to. We heard from top plastic surgeons and dermatologists about their favorite noninvasive treatments for a better butt.


If you’re looking to treat cellulite, Qwo is a great option. However, New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD says, “you should be evaluated by a board-certified aesthetic physician like a dermatologist to make sure you are a good candidate. This treats true cellulite, but not skin laxity.”


Chicago plastic surgeon Michael Horn, MD says Emsculpt “is a terrific noninvasive treatment to enhance the buttocks.” He adds that patients achieve results comparable to doing 20,000 squats in just a brief session. “The beauty is that all it takes is to lay there twice a week for two weeks to accomplish an impressive improvement.”


Encino, CA plastic surgeon George Sanders, MD, says when it comes to filling, he likes Sculptra, which helps replenish collagen loss. He notes that it has “a better safety profile than fat injection.”


If you have cellulite dimples, Reno, NV plastic surgeon Tiffany D. McCormack, MD, recommends Cellfina. It employs a minimally invasive needle-sized device to address cellulite-causing bands beneath the skin’s surface.

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    Pasadena, CA plastic surgeon Lily Lee, MD says CoolTone is her favorite butt-enhancing treatment. Dr. McCormack also loves it because it’s great for firming up the glutes.

    “It really is like cheating! It does the squats for you to build the gluteus muscles, only the muscle contraction is deeper and more in quantity than you could likely sustain in one session,” says Dr. Lee. “Also, because the machine taps out the lactic acid build-up as part of this well-tolerated procedure, there isn’t the same soreness that you would get if you did 100 squats.”

    Combination of treatments

    Washington D.C. dermatologist Tina Alster, MD doesn’t like to leave it up to one treatment—she combines a few things to ensure optimal butt enhancement. “My favorite butt enhancing combination treatment involves the use of Qwo injections, Velashape and Emsculpt,” says Dr. Alster. “The Qwo injections reduce cellulite, while Velashape smooths skin texture and Emsculpt provides a subtle butt lift.”

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