SculpSure utilizes targeted laser energy to heat up fat cells and melt them away. This might sound similar to CoolSculpting in that it also destroys fat cells with temperature manipulation, however, CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis, which involves controlled cooling to freeze fat cells to death.

At the surface level, both treatments can offer similar results when it comes to fat reduction. In Walden’s professional experience, though, SculpSure comes out on top. “SculpSure applicators can be applied on both pinchable and non-pinchable body fat, whereas CoolSculpting works nicely on areas with pinchable body fat,” she points out. If you’re on a time crunch as well, SculpSure is the definite winner. “The SculpSure procedure is only 25 minutes for four applicators. CoolSculpting treatments will take 35 minutes or more per applicator.”

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    Potential Side Effects

    Like any other cosmetic procedure, there are a few side effects you should be aware of beforehand. “After SculpSure treatment, someone can experience slight swelling, tingling, or redness in the treated area, but it will resolve on its own in a few hours,” Walden explains. “Occasionally, someone can feel tender for a few days.”

    The Cost

    Depending on the results you’re trying to achieve, the number of treatments you need may vary. Like mentioned before, most people who get SculpSure done benefit from two or three sessions, but certain areas like the lower abs or thighs might need additional treatments for a more contoured appearance.

    On the flip side, Goldberg mentions that often results can be satisfied with a simple one-time procedure. "Depending on the size of the area being treated, costs can be anywhere between $1000-$4000," he adds.

    “It is important to advise patients that SculpSure permanently reduces only a certain amount of fat cells,” Walden notes. She explains that weight management is imperative to maintain your results since it wouldn’t be ideal to rely on SculpSure as a catchall. And with an average cost of about $2000 or more, getting infinite treatments would just make your wallet cry out for help.


    Since SculpSure is not an invasive treatment like surgery, there is no downtime. “Daily activities can be resumed right away,” says Walden, which is great for those who don’t want to interrupt their lifestyle or work schedule. Even better, SculpSure patients don’t have to worry about scarring or any other marks that indicate they’ve undergone treatment.

    You'll also want to get a bit hands-on following treatment. “It is recommended to apply five-minute massages to the treated area two times a day for two weeks," she says. "It will encourage lymphatic drainage, minimize swelling, and will assist in the elimination of the fat cells.”

    When it comes to sun exposure, it’s recommended you remain indoors as much as possible post-treatment. According to Walden, “SculpSure is, by definition, laser energy—albeit subcutaneous.” She advises patients to avoid the sun one week before and one week after treatment. If stepping outside is unavoidable for you, make sure to apply sunscreen with a high SPF.

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