Malin Akerman Shares Her Experiences With CoolSculpting and CoolTone

By Brittany Burhop Fallon for Newbeauty
December 15, 2019 Original Article >

Growing up in Canada, Swedish-American actress Malin Akerman immersed herself in different cultures, soaking up bits and pieces that have shaped her ideals today. “My mom was a model, but also a fitness instructor, so I grew up in a world where health and fitness were a big part of our lives. She was a healthy eater and we had a lot of activities in our lives, so I grew up understanding that beauty radiates from both the inside and the out, and you have to take care of all of it in order to be a fully balanced person. We’re all striving for that balance.”

At 42, Akerman says she feels comfortable in her own skin, but she isn’t afraid to experiment with something new to feel even better.

“I grew up in Canada, so I got the bulk of my Swedish culture from my mom, and I spent three months in Sweden every year. Although I think all women have some sort of body issue, the main difference is that in Sweden, we grow up with nudity being natural as opposed to sexualized. It’s not a big deal to see nudity on TV, and it’s presented in a more natural state than it is here. To this day, I’ll see my mom and dad walking through the hall naked from the bathroom to their room—that’s what you do, it’s not a big deal. Whereas a lot of my friends grew up with parents who would kind of screech if their daughter walked in while they were in a bra and underwear. There are also many restrictions around nudity here, especially when it comes to acting—it’s just very different. I wish we, as women in general, could embrace our bodies in all the various shapes we come in, no matter where we live. I wish our bodies were seen as a vessel rather than a sexual object.” Read Original Article >