It’s time to say goodbye to stubborn body fat. Non-invasive procedures like CoolSculpting can transform your appearance and help achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

After you’ve taken the step to get CoolSculpting, exercise can help boost and maintain your results. 

The Science of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a method involving cryolipolysis which eliminates fat cells through controlled cooling. Cryolipolysis is said to have been discovered after doctors noticed that children who ate more popsicles had a gradual reduction of fat cells in their cheeks. 

The procedure is now a popular option for anyone looking for a safe way to eliminate body fat permanently and non-invasively.

Cooling panels work on your body by crystalizing fat cells during a one to two-hour session. These fat cells will then be expelled naturally over time. CoolSculpting shouldn’t be confused with liposuction which involves a surgical procedure and suction to remove fat.

The major benefit of CoolSculpting over liposuction is that it is non-invasive, lower risk, and requires little to no down time to recover. 

Patients can get back to the gym right away to help enhance and improve their results. Continuing your regular lifestyle of sensible eating and exercise will help maintain and even boost your results.

Here are some techniques to show you how to speed up CoolSculpting results. 

How to Speed Up CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting can help get rid of extra stubborn deposits of fat. Patients who include exercise along with CoolSculpting see faster results over a longer period of time. 

Although exercise is not required, you will find that you can help boost and maintain the results of your CoolSculpting procedure if you are combining regular exercise and sensible eating habits. This might be the perfect time to design a fitness regime that targets the area(s) you’ve had CoolSculpted. 

Usually, seeing the results are enough to keep the motivation going. 

Benefits of Exercise

Seeing results after CoolSculpting can boost your confidence and self-esteem. This confidence lasts as long as you continue to see results.

Exercise plays two major parts in maintaining this healthy body outlook. The first is enhancing the fat reduction process

The second is the release of dopamine after a workout. Working out is a gift that keeps giving. 

The chemicals released in your brain following a workout leave you with a feeling of euphoria. Combined with the help of CoolSculpting, exercise offers access to great emotional and physical wellbeing. 

The next time you procrastinate when you’re scheduled to go to the gym, remember that good habits will become just as addictive as bad habits. Replace those bad habits with good habits and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling better!

What Happens If I Don’t Exercise?

If you choose not to exercise during or after your CoolSculpting series, you could risk the return of fat cells. The same habits that created the fat in the first place will eventually cause it to come back.

Exercise is a proven method of maintaining long-lasting results. CoolSculpting gives you a chance to accelerate and bolster results when it comes to weight and exercise.

Think of it as an opportunity to start over with the body you want. Exercise allows a gradual change in your appearance. This reduces the appearance of sagging skin that may come from fat cells being eliminated.

Body contouring is an investment. Protect it by taking the steps to ensure your procedure lasts.

What Exercise Should I Try?

Exercises that build muscle are great options for CoolSculpting patients because muscle eliminates fat. A gradual building of muscle means equipping your body with the tools it needs to naturally get rid of fat.

Lifting weights is a simple option that can be done at home or the gym. The gym offers more flexibility in that you can use equipment that targets a range of body parts and there are trainers available to help you learn to utilize equipment safely and properly.

Aerobic exercise is a good choice for building endurance if you’re not used to an active lifestyle. Brisk walking or dance classes are both good for beginners. 

Work your way up to gentle weight lifting over time. The worst thing you can do is strain your muscles to the point of injury.

Beginners should try 20 to 30 minutes of exercise three times per week when starting out. You can build your own personal routine from there to suit your availability and lifestyle.

Give muscles a chance to recover between sessions. Like CoolSculpting sessions, exercise is a marathon and not a sprint. 

What About Weight Loss?

Fat loss doesn’t necessarily equal weight loss.  If you’re working out while receiving CoolSculpting, it’s possible that you might actually experience weight gain.

This happens mainly because muscle weighs more than fat. Fat loss is more about appearance than weight.

Avoid the temptation of stepping on the scale every day as a measure of progress. Instead, measure inches.

Inches reveal how much change your body is experiencing. The ultimate sign of progress is your mirror.

If you’ve lost love handles that would never go away before, feel confident that CoolSculpting worked for you. The places we typically measure during a weight loss journey aren’t always associated with the places we choose to have our body contouring procedure.

The CoolSculpting Investment

Employing a proper exercise regimen can help speed up and maintain your CoolSculpting results. Protect the investment of time and money to achieve lasting results.

Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the building blocks to maintaining your new physique. Always start slow if your body doesn’t have the endurance for high-intensity training.

Getting injured puts an unnecessary delay on your fitness goals. Talk to your doctor for recommendations on workouts plans you can pursue.To learn more about whether CoolSculpting is right for you, please request an appointment today.

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