Whether your backside is too big, too small, too flat or too wide, there are a couple of different ways to go about getting the butt of your dreams. And, it doesn’t always require going under the knife.

According to New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, the area where you live dictates, for the most part, the trends you’ll see in what women want when it comes to their butt. “There are many regional trends,” she says. “For example, everyone in New York is looking to fit into their skinny jeans. In Miami, patients want to look great in a bikini so they’ll do something like the Brazilian Butt Lift.” Cities where skin is in, especially year-round, are more concerned with having that perfect butt.

When size and shape are a matter of concern, a Brazilian Butt Lift is often the go-to. Troy, MI, plastic surgeon and author of The Age Fix Anthony Youn, MD, explains that most women who are unhappy with their buttocks, because they feel it’s too small and/or saggy and want a butt like J. Lo, Kim Kardashian or Iggy Azalea, are willing to have fat injected into their backside to make it larger, but aren’t always willing to have a formal butt lift procedure because of the scarring it leaves behind or because a solid silicone implant is placed in the body. “The Brazilian Butt Lift isn’t so much of a lifting procedure as it as an augmentation. Fat is removed from the back, hips or thighs and injected into the buttocks to make them larger,” says Dr. Youn.

Even though fat is used to augment the size and shape of the butt, only about 50 percent of what’s placed actually stays. But that percentage is enough to make a difference in the way the butt looks, especially in a bathing suit or tight clothing. “The best thing about the Brazlian Butt Lift is that your own tissue is being injected rather than an implant that may need to be removed one day.”

In areas like the Northeast, Dr. Bowe says it’s more about getting rid of fat on the butt. When fat alone—like too much of it—is the issue at hand, anything from liposuction to CoolSculpting, as well as other noninvasive fat-fighting treatments such as UltraShape or SculpSure, can be used. “We’ll do something like CoolSculpting, which freezes away the fat, and then tighten the skin with Ultherapy.”

While off-label uses of fillers to fix the butt are starting to become more widely used in the U.S., Dr. Youn says it’s a big trend in Europe. “The problem with using fillers, like Sculptra Aesthetic, on the body is that they are meant to be placed in the face and are sold in small sizes (one to two ccs of product per syringe). The face may benefit from a few ccs of filler, but for the butt, upward of 100 ccs or more may be needed and the cost is usually prohibitive.” However, in Europe, there are fillers available that are designed to be used on the body, like Macrolane. “Therefore, injecting fillers into the butt is more popular there and less expensive.”

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